Montague Quarter

Located in Worthing West Sussex, The Montague Quarter is a rooftop extension to the Montague Shopping Centre, commissioned by, Cayuga Homes. This project presented us with an array of challenges, which we have successfully overcome through our expertise and innovative design solutions to provide new homes on a city centre site at the heart of Worthing.

One of the primary obstacles we faced was the preservation of the Grade 2* listed Desert Quartet sculptures, an iconic creation by the renowned artist Elisabeth Frink. Following a series of design sessions with the local council, and with utmost care and precision, we were able to ensure that our end design had 'no impact' on these beloved local sculptures, as part of our commitment to architectural preservation and respect for cultural heritage.

Further intricacy of the site lay in the complex shop delivery and service zones on the first floor. This required particular planning and thoughtful design strategies with the current stakeholders to optimize the site's functionality and preserve efficiency for the existing tenants. By addressing these challenges early, we have created a seamless and harmonious experience for visitors, retailers and future residents alike.

From the beginning, we were conscious of the conservation area and through consultation with Historic England were able to create minimal impact from our intervention. Our approach embraced a traditional design ethos, seamlessly blending with the Georgian and Classical architectural styles prevalent in the area. What results is a scheme that sits comfortably in the existing context and contributes to the regeneration of this part of the town centre, enhancing its overall appeal and architectural character.

The scheme introduces 42 new residential units within the development, to help meet the growing demand for housing while ensuring a highly sustainable location. This sustainability extends further with the inclusion of over 450 square meters of green roofs, promoting new biodiversity for the urban fabric, and a view to using renewable methods for heating and ventilation of the scheme.

Lomax Design takes great pride in our role in bringing this project to Worthing, showcasing our expertise in architectural design, preservation, and sustainable development. We can't wait to see the scheme breathe new life into the Montague Shopping Centre, creating a vibrant and eco-conscious space that nurtures the community and respects the surrounding heritage.