Little Venice Sports Centre

After successfully winning the bid to design a new sports facility for the London Borough of Westminster, the practice's proposal was for a new four-court sports hall and supporting facilities to replace the former Westminster Children's Sports Centre.

The goal was to enhance the character and appearance of the area by proposing a contemporary sustainable building. Every effort was made to respect the scale and context of the surrounding buildings by recognising the importance of the open space and views from St. Mary's Gardens. We intended to use appropriate and sympathetic materials in the construction and ensure the retention and protection of the existing trees and landscape.

The proposal delivers sustainable development and provides a high quality architectural and urban context. With an internal environment of good daylighting, air quality (delivered through natural ventilation where possible), thermal conditions and low levels of noise pollution. The result is a building that appears to grow out of the park, using the levels to sink the building into the ground partly and 'merge' the green roof with the surrounding land.

The building responds well to the sustainability agenda, most notably through bio-diversity and energy efficiency assisted by the green roof and the earth sheltering. As a result, little Venice Sports Centre was the first building in England to achieve the Inclusive Fitness Initiative Excellent Award.